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Frequently Asked Questions

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To help increase your Soapstone Knowledge we offer you a little video we call Soapstone 101 along with the answers to the questions we hear most frequently.

1. Is soapstone porous?

Nope. Soapstone is dense and completely nonporous. Nothing penetrates soapstone’s surface.

2. Does soapstone harbor bacteria?

Never! Because soapstone is dense and completely nonporous it is impervious to bacteria.

3. Will soapstone stain?

Soapstone is siliceous – nonporous so it is unaffected and unharmed by acids contained in everyday substances like wine, lemon, and vinegar. It does not stain and it does not etch.

4. Isn’t soapstone difficult to maintain?

There’s nothing to it. Some homeowners choose to oil or wax their soapstone to even out the normal darkening that occurs over time. Some appreciate it naturally and do nothing. Soapstone cleans up with regular soap and water so there is never any need for special cleaners.

5. I have heard that soapstone is too soft for countertops. Is this true?

Absolutely not! Architectural grade soapstone is a high-hardness material with nonporous mineral crystals for extra mechanical resistance and longevity. Check out this video for more information on Soft vs. Hard Soapstone.

6. Does soapstone scratch easily?

Yes, it scratches more easily than other natural stone but it repairs more easily as well. Apply some oil or wax to the scratch or give it a light sanding with sandpaper or steel wool if the scratch is deeper. Deep gouges can be filled, sanded, and oiled back to beauty.

7. Does soapstone need to be sealed like other natural stone?

No, it does not. Soapstone needs no chemical sealers as other natural stone does. That’s why soapstone is considered the safest and most natural stone choice for your home. Some folks apply oil or wax to their countertops because they like the darker look it provides. If you are interested in darkening your soapstone take a moment to watch this video comparing oil and wax.

8. How does soapstone compare in price to other natural stone?

Soapstone is priced around the same as moderately priced granite.

9. How do I learn more about soapstone?

Visit the Dorado Soapstone Blog & YouTube Channel for more info!