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26 May

Benefits of Natural Soapstone Countertops

Soapstone is a countertop material that’s been in homes for centuries. Despite this, it’s not exactly a stone you see every day. Soapstone can add a certain je ne sais quoi to your kitchen or bathroom remodel that other materials lack. That, plus a variety of other benefits, makes it the perfect stone for your […]

15 January

Consider Soapstone for Your Masonry Heater

Posted in Soapstone Colorado  |
Masonry heaters are increasingly being installed in homes across the United States. You can think of a masonry heater as a fireplace but better. Why is it better? Masonry heaters are designed to store an incredible amount of heat. They work by burning wood and then slowly distributing the heat from the wood throughout your [...]
5 January

How to Install a Soapstone Countertop

Posted in Soapstone California  |
Starting a home improvement project is always exciting. After all, you are taking something old and about to make it new. Not only are you making it new, but you are also making it exactly how you want your home to look. Kitchen home improvement projects are some of the most popular home improvements to [...]

Customer Testimonials

What our customers are saying about their soapstone countertops.

  • My wife and I loved working with Dorado to purchase the soapstone countertops for our kitchen. They had a beautiful selection and explained with patience and detail the characteristics of the many soapstones available. It was great working with Dorado.

    - Jim D.
  • Both my husband and I absolutely love our soapstone sink and countertops. They wash up so beautifully. I love the “Ice” finish. Wow! Thanks for all your help. We love this “Juniper” color and the white veining.

    - Dawn Eckhardt
  • The pattern is very interesting and attractive, exactly what makes real stone so much
    nicer than the manufactured variety.

    - Virginia Langen

Toss out those old, peeling laminate countertops and give your home the gift of custom surfaces that will last for decades to come!

Whether you’re in the process of building a brand new home, or it’s time to bring your home into the modern day, Dorado Soapstone is here to help you get the home finishes of your dreams. Soapstone is a beautiful, durable material that makes for a perfect granite alternative. It’s also amazingly customizable for a variety of uses. Soapstone uses include the traditional, like countertops and fireplaces, but it’s also an amazing material to use for a custom sink that will hold up through years of wear and tear. Soapstone is even a beautiful and protective option for creating backsplashes, flooring, and more! Connect with the Dorado Soapstone team to learn more about what makes this material so unique, and get planning your next project!

Dorado Soapstone is a soapstone slab supplier, and we pride ourselves on bringing a wide range of soapstone options to states across the nation. With the huge variety of colors and the range of hardness levels, soapstone can be customized for a great many uses around the home. If you’re looking for a way to bring elegance, this amazing granite alternative may provide the solution you’re looking for!  Some of those popular uses include:

Soapstone Countertops

If you’ve noticed the ongoing trend toward stone counters, soapstone countertops are an obvious option. Soapstone, like granite, can be cut to custom dimensions and give you amazing-looking countertops. Since it comes in varying hardnesses, soapstone countertops can be just as durable and easy to care for as granite. It’s also a lot less temperamental than marble, but can give you that same aesthetic.

Soapstone Sinks

Are you sick and tired of having to scrub stains out of your supposedly stainless steel kitchen sink? A soapstone sink is a better solution than all of that frustration — and it will bring that added element of elegance to your kitchen. Maybe you want an apron-front farm sink, or maybe a hand-carved sink for the bathroom. Whatever your style, we can help you find the right soapstone to match your ideas.

Soapstone Fireplaces

Soapstone is unique among stone types for many reasons, but in particular, it has amazing heat properties. A soapstone fireplace or masonry heater is a great way to add visual interest to a living room and save money on your heating expenses, simply thanks to the nature of the stone! Soapstone retains a lot of heat, meaning it will continue to radiate heat into your home long after the fire has gone out.

Soapstone Mosaics, Tile, and More

Beyond those options, soapstone can be used in just about any idea you might have. It’s simple to customize soapstone for your projects, in large part because soapstone is easier to cut than granite or marble. Whether you’re looking to create a decorative mosaic or add elegant flooring details, soapstone’s myriad colors and textures give you amazing options for customization.


Connect with the Dorado Soapstone team to learn more about soapstone pricing, colors, and more. It’s time to plan your next home project — what are you waiting for?