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Soapstone is becoming an increasingly popular material these days for all things home. And there’s no question why! 

  • It’s completely nonporous
  • It’s impervious to bacteria
  • It doesn’t stain
  • It’s easy to maintain
  • It doesn’t need chemical sealers
  • It’s beautiful and unique

What’s not to love, right? With all of its many benefits, many homeowners are wondering just how many places in their homes could do with a little soapstone renovation. Here at Dorado Soapstone, we can help! 

Check out our gallery for inspiration and ideas, our FAQs for answers to any questions, learn more about soapstone, and check out our soapstone video series. Read today’s blog to get inspired for all the many diverse places in which you could install soapstone, and then be sure to contact us today to request samples!


Sure, soapstone slabs are popular. But what about smaller tiles of soapstone? Here at Dorado Soapstone, we believe both are great options! Soapstone colors are deep and beautiful making them ideal for installing a backsplash in your kitchen. Soapstone is also completely nonporous, meaning cleaning up the, well, splashes in your kitchen will be easier than ever. Decorate an accent wall or create the perfect backsplash with soapstone from Dorado Soapstone today.


Of course, soapstone counters are probably the first thing that comes to mind when considering soapstone for your home. Large soapstone slabs make great kitchen countertops for many reasons, not least of which is their durability and stain-resistant material. Check out some of our other blog posts about soapstone kitchen countertops: 


One soapstone use that many people don’t immediately think of is a fireplace. Soapstone is heat-resistant, though, which makes it ideal for pulling a hot dish out of the oven and placing it directly on your countertop. This same feature is part of what makes it ideal for fireplaces! A soapstone fireplace surround will be a unique, statement-making look that is just as functional as it is beautiful.  


A common myth regarding soapstone is that it’s too soft even for countertops, so what does that mean for your floors? Luckily, soapstone is just fine for both! Architectural-grade soapstone has a high-hardness level. Also consider that it’s nonporous and dense enough that scratches don’t show easily, and you may just have your new flooring option! Just think about it: you won’t panic when your toddler runs and spills their cranberry juice all over your beautiful soapstone tiles in the hallway. Sounds pretty great, right? 

Outdoor Areas

Now, we’ve already mentioned at least once or twice that soapstone is nonporous. This makes it ideal for outdoor living areas! Whether you’re designing and creating an outdoor kitchen or you want soapstone flooring outdoors, our soapstone at Dorado Soapstone will be up to the test. Because of its nonporous nature, it will easily hold up to water and other weather conditions that are thrown at it. We simply recommend finding the hardness rating level that’s ideal for your yard. Contact us today for samples!


One of the other more popular soapstone uses we see is sinks. That soapstone farmhouse sink you’ve had your eyes on via Pinterest? Make it happen. That and any other soapstone kitchen sink you can dream up could be your reality! This nonporous stone will prevent sink stains and won’t harbor bacteria, meaning your kitchen sink will be squeaky-clean and germ-free — it’s everything you could want in a custom sink. 

Refresh Your Home With Soapstone Today

Soapstone uses are diverse and plentiful, and Dorado Soapstone is here to help you make your renovation happen! Check out our gallery for inspiration and request samples today.