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Kitchen countertops have been there and done that. They’re there for you when you spill all over them, when your kids chop vegetables or make food without a cutting board, and even when you stand on them to reach the items in the back of the top shelf. 

After the years of use (and abuse) however, it’s likely that your kitchen countertops may need a hard refresh. That’s where Dorado Soapstone can help. We offer high-quality, beautiful soapstone to clients throughout California, including the Bay Area and Sacramento. If you’re interested in a soapstone slab for your kitchen, then check out our blog and contact us today! We offer a variety of soapstone colors, and all at a price and quality you’ll love. Keep reading to learn if it’s time to replace your kitchen countertops and then contact us today to buy soapstone in California.

You Want to Increase Resale Value

Perhaps you’re considering listing your California home for sale, just listed your home for sale, or are having a hard time finding a buyer because of your outdated kitchen. Whatever it is, getting new countertops (especially soapstone or quartz countertops) will not only help you sell your home faster but also increase the resale value!

Potential buyers will not be as interested in your home if the kitchen countertops are dated. Sure, you may find someone who is gung-ho and ready to tackle a large kitchen remodel as new homeowners, but most will want more of a turn-key home and kitchen when they buy. Something as simple as updating your countertops to soapstone will really increase the home appeal and the value. 

You Want a Quick, Fresh Update

Perhaps you simply want a fresh update to your kitchen without breaking the bank, taking a lot of time, or investing a lot of energy. There’s nothing quite like installing a soapstone kitchen counter to make that a reality! You’d be amazed at the difference new countertops can make in your kitchen, and it doesn’t have to be difficult, especially if that’s the only update you’re doing and you choose to work with Dorado Soapstone. We offer high-quality soapstone to California homeowners that will arrive in a timely manner and be just as beautiful as you always envisioned.

Your Countertops Are Cracked

Whether your current countertops are quartz, granite, wood, or laminate, cracks are one of your No. 1 signs that it’s time to get new countertops. All of these materials will erode, deteriorate, and even crack over time. These cracks will be unsightly, difficult to match the color of when repairing, and unsanitary. In fact, cracks in kitchen countertops can trap food, dirt, bacteria, and more that will accumulate and then contaminate whatever touches them in the kitchen. 

Tip: Soapstone is a high-hardness material with nonporous mineral crystal for extra mechanical resistance and longevity. With proper care, your soapstone countertops will last a long time (even if they do crack at some point).

Your Countertops Are Stained or Burned

There’s nothing quite like a stain on a kitchen countertop that just won’t go away. It’s vexing, makes the kitchen look dirty and dingy, and did we mention it’s annoying? If you have stains or burns on your kitchen countertops that just won’t go away, then it could be time to replace your countertops. Tough stains like red wine and coffee or burns that won’t clean up are signs of significant wear and tear over the years. Instead of trying again, fruitlessly, to erase the damage, choose to install soapstone instead and complete a kitchen renovation.

Tip: Soapstone is nonporous, meaning it’s unaffected by acids contained in everyday substances such as lemon, vinegar, and wine. It doesn’t stain or etch.

You’re Doing a Remodel Anyway

If you’re already biting the bullet and doing a kitchen remodel or renovation, then it just makes sense to replace your countertops while you’re at it! Sure, parts of them may still be in great condition and the size may be just right. And yes, you’ll save more money now by not getting new countertops. However, if you’re doing a kitchen remodel, then you should do it right. Adding onto, rearranging, or changing your kitchen in any way means some sort of countertop adjustment. And no matter what material you currently have for your countertops, it’ll be difficult to match exactly when you’re completing the remodel. Make it your dream kitchen from start to finish by investing in a high-quality material for kitchen countertops — like soapstone!

You’re Ready for a Change

And finally, the last sign it’s time to replace your countertops: you’re reading this blog post!

Even if no other reason in this blog makes sense and aligns with your current situation, you’re clearly ready for a change. Whether you’ve just moved into this California home or you’ve been there for 30 years and then some, there’s no change quite like fresh new countertops — especially when you choose to go with soapstone! This material is long-lasting, beautiful, high quality, unique, and always makes a statement. 

Buy Soapstone for Your California Kitchen Countertops

Here in California, you can count on Dorado Soapstone to get the job done. For us, though, it’s so much more than getting the job done; it’s ensuring that you have the access you need to high-quality, beautiful soapstone that will help you feel at home in your kitchen and love the space. Be sure to check out our FAQ page and these blog posts for more ideas, inspiration, and information: 

Whether you’re a DIY weekend warrior who is buying soapstone and installing it yourself or you will hire someone to install the soapstone for you, we have the high-quality materials you can count on. Check out our gallery and order today! Be sure to contact us with any questions.