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Getting new soapstone countertops is so exciting! After all, not only will it provide your kitchen with a beautiful facelift, and could boost your home’s value, but it will also give you so much more versatility compared to other kitchen countertop options. Of course, for a true kitchen renovation to really have the best impact possible, you’ll also want to consider the overall aesthetic of your new or improved kitchen. Once you’ve got your soapstone counters and cabinetry picked, the last big detail is your backsplash!

A backsplash can be a make-or-break detail for your overall kitchen aesthetics. This is one of those elements that can make your soapstone counters look even more appealing, but a poorly chosen backsplash can just as easily take your new counters to a dingy-looking, dreary place — and no one wants that! Get started by choosing your soapstone counters with Dorado Soapstone of Minnesota, and then keep these ideas in mind to find a backsplash that will really highlight your countertops’ beauty. 


Choosing A Backsplash By Color

No two soapstone slabs are going to be exactly the same because the slabs are made entirely of natural, cut stone. One of the best ways to go about choosing a backsplash is to look for options that highlight the color variance in your soapstone slab! If your soapstone counters will have lots of veins of green, an all-green or predominantly-green tile will mirror your counters and highlight that veining. Of course, if your soapstone slabs are predominantly black or grey with white veining, that opens you up to even more options. You can create an inverse mirroring with marble tile or another tile that is mainly white with black accents. Or, go wild and choose the color that you enjoy most! Soapstone works well as a neutral starting point, so it can work as either the focal point of your kitchens or a highlight for another focal point. 


Considering Cabinetry and Flooring

When choosing your backsplash, the colors in your soapstone counters aren’t the only important factor. You will also want to consider the colors of your cabinetry and flooring. Generally speaking, dark flooring, dark cabinetry, and dark soapstone counters can be an overwhelming combination. It’s possible to make that monochromatic look beautiful, but that requires a fine balance — and generally calls for lighter colors on the upper half of your kitchen. If there are a lot of darker colors happening, consider choosing a backsplash that is all white or a large swath of a lighter color. This will help all of that dark coloring look less oppressive.  

On the other hand, if your flooring and/or cabinetry are lighter, you may want to go with a darker backsplash to complement your soapstone countertops. You can even extend your soapstone counters to some with a matching backsplash! In either case, your backsplash is a great way to bring some additional texture into your kitchen, with or without colors. Even if you choose an all-dark color scheme, adding in a textured tile is a great way to break things up visually. Textural contrasts can help your kitchen look larger, even without a lot of light, airy colors. 


Non-Tile Options

While simple subway tiles and light marble tiles are often used to contrast soapstone counters, you don’t need to feel as if you are limited to glass and porcelain tiles. Skip the backsplash entirely and just paint your walls a complementary color! If you know you’re a messy cook and you want a bit more protection for your walls, consider choosing butt boards — a combination of low soapstone backsplash with tongue-and-groove paneling — or beadboard. If you prefer a more rustic look, reclaimed wood also makes for a great paneling or accent option! 


Planning Your Kitchen

Whether you’re getting ready to dive into kitchen renovations, or you’re choosing options for a newly built home, the Dorado Soapstone team is here to help. Connect with us for more information about soapstone kitchen counters, and connect with our Minnesota-based team for local, experienced guidance. We help you find the soapstone slabs that best match your aesthetic, plus all the guidance you need for professional installation and more! Contact Dorado Soapstone to get started!