Benefits of a Soapstone Countertop:

  • Soapstone is beautiful. Soapstone is unmatched in natural beauty and is the perfect solution for homeowners and designers who want to escape from shiny and ubiquitous granite.
  • Soapstone will not burn. Set hot pans down straight from the oven or cooktop. No fumbling for trivets. No burns. No problem.
  • Soapstone will not stain. Nothing absorbs into soapstone. Nothing. Natural darkening will occur over time because soapstone requires no chemical sealers but the natural darkening can be evened out by a thin covering of oil or wax.
  • Soapstone is completely non-porous. It is impervious to bacterial growth so it is naturally bacteria-free and naturally safe for your family.
  • Soapstone is easy to clean. Use whatever you like. There are no expensive chemical cleaners required to clean soapstone. Feeling natural? Use vinegar. Feeling rushed? Anything you’ve got will do.
  • Please visit the Dorado Soapstone Blog for more information!

How to Pick the Right Soapstone For You:

Define your style. Noire Soapstone is characterized by its dramatic black color and white veins. Indigo is blue with dark mottling and the perfect stone to leave natural. PA Soapstone is dark gray with more subtle off-white/olive veining and Pratima is very dramatic, heavily veined and beautifully green.

Soapstone’s natural warmth and beauty enhances the look of every decorating style from Traditional to Modern or Craftsman to Asian.

Your choice of soapstone expresses your personal style while expressing your appreciation of the planet’s most beautiful and most “natural” natural stone.

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