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Dorado Soapstone Dry Wax is a 100% natural combination of walnut oil, beeswax, and canuaba oil. Our Dry Wax is used to ensure uniformity of the patina as it develops on the stone. Dorado Soapstone Dry Wax brings out the deep beauty of your Soapstone while eliminating the need for frequent oiling.

Instructions for use:

Apply to a small section (6” x 6”) to see if the desired color is achieved. If so apply a small amount with a soft cloth in a circular motion. Let set for 5 minutes and wipe the excess off with another soft cloth. Reapply as need to achieve the desired look. Dorado Dry Wax is only used to achieve a darker color and not as a sealer. Soapstone does NOT require sealers.

If the desired color is not achieved after testing on a small area and a darker color is desired follow these instructions. First apply 2 coats of mineral oil with a soft cloth. Rub the mineral oil on your countertops and leave overnight. The next day apply a second application and wipe the excess off. Wait 2 hours and wipe all excess mineral oil off the countertops. Apply the Dry Wax over the top of the mineral oil. This usually darkens the stone a shade darker than with just the wax alone. However, every stone is unique so some only require the wax to achieve the level of darkness desired. A video demonstration by Steven Chavez on how to use Dorado Soapstone Dry Wax and a comparison to using mineral oil.

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