Here are only a few of the many reasons people choose soapstone:

Soapstone is unmatched in natural beauty and is the “greenest” choice for your counters.

• The look and feel of soapstone is tactile and your counters will become the most touched surface in your home.
• Even oiled or waxed, soapstone is not glossy and will not reflect light the way some other surfaces do.
• Soapstone is impervious to heat so cookware can come right from oven to counter.
• Soapstone is naturally antibacterial.
• Soapstone will not stain or etch. It is nonporous and inert so nothing reacts with it and it needs no sealing of any sort.
• Soapstone can be repaired more easily by the common homeowner than most other surfaces. Minor scratches can be rubbed out with oil or wax and deeper scratches can be repaired with sandpaper.
• People choose to oil or wax their soapstone for cosmetic reasons only and it has nothing to do with sealing or protecting the surface.
• There is no special maintenance required for soapstone and it is cleaned with regular soap or household cleaner and water.

Sample Soapstone Slabs (Mouseover to View)