We found some soapstone sinks in the New England area that were built circa 1900. These sinks have been incorporated into kitchen remodels and are still providing service to happy homeowners.

We often get asked “how durable is soapstone?” These sinks are over 100 years old and still being lovingly utilized. How’s that for durable?

One of these sinks had been purchased by the homeowner’s grandmother and he remembers using it when he was a boy. He said “I remember everyone getting together for the holidays and my grandmother always made us go to the soapstone kitchen sink and wash our hands before we sat down to eat Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner.” These were great memories and I am glad I got to keep the sink!

These soapstone sinks age beautifully and never go out of style. Soapstone’s durability speaks for itself and its natural beautiful color goes with any design.

Choose from these three sizes:
~ 30 X 18.5 X 10”
~ 33 X 18.5 X 10”
~ 36 X 18.5 X 10”