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Why Upgrade to Soapstone Countertops

Soapstone is one of the most loved countertop options in the United States, and it’s a popular choice among men and women, alike. The way soapstone has been used over the years has definitely evolved; however, the value remained the same. Most people who upgrade to soapstone countertops choose to do so because of their versatility and durability.

Want your bathroom or kitchen to be filled with this textured beauty? Dorado Soapstone can help you get the most durable and environment-friendly soapstone countertops. Still wondering why you should upgrade to soapstone countertops? Keep reading, and get in touch with us today!

Aesthetically Appealing

Soapstone countertops are made up of a versatile and highly textured material that adds attraction and elegance wherever you install them. They are available in three graceful colors, including black, grey, and green.

Soapstone countertop slabs in multiple colors stacked on top of each other for display.
A woman smiling and removing a hot baking pan with cookies on it from her oven.

Heat Resistant

Soapstone countertops are heat-resistant, which makes them a great option for those with busy kitchens! Although proper cooking equipment is still advised, you don’t have to worry about torching your new countertops if they come in contact with hot pans, baking sheets, or other material frequently used in the kitchen.

Environmentally Friendly

Soapstone countertops are made out of natural materials and don’t require harsh chemicals for cleaning. This allows you to give them a shiny look by applying various natural oils to the surface, without polluting the air inside of your home.

A mother, young daughter and young son happily cooking in their kitchen.
A soapstone countertop expert from Dorado Soapstone shaking hands with a client.

You’ve Found Your Soapstone Countertop Experts!

Everyone wants their kitchen or bathroom to look clean and attractive. Dorado Soapstone offers the best soapstone countertops that will perfectly compliment the aesthetic of your kitchen, bathrooms, or wherever you decide to have them installed.Our team is passionate and dedicated to our work. We can provide you with easy-to-maintain and durable soapstone countertops that will make a welcome upgrade for your home. Contact our experts today!

If you’re looking for a trusted soapstone provider in the US, Dorado Soapstone is the easy choice! Choose a soapstone countertop and define your style with us. Start your soapstone experience today!

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