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The diversity and resilience of soapstone make it the ideal stone to use throughout the home. With the variety of types and styles offered by Dorado Soapstone, you can find the right color and patterns that bring a room together. Here are four places in your home that could benefit from being made of soapstone.


Soapstone tile floors are a great addition to any home that wants to make a bold statement. The natural dark blues, greens, and blacks, of soapstone, give off a distinctly modern aesthetic. Because of their heat retaining properties, soapstone floors don’t get as cold as other tiled floors, making them great for colder climates. The soft texture of the stone keeps it easy on the feet and is enjoyable for warm barefoot summers. 


The heat-retaining aspect of soapstone also makes it perfect for fireplaces. The heat of the fire is absorbed into the stone and radiated from the other side, making the heat last longer and providing a gentle warmth. This residual heat means less time spent tending the fire and less money spent on electricity, gas, and firewood.


Soapstone sinks are low-maintenance, only requiring an occasional wipe down with mineral oil to keep it looking fresh. The durability and stain-resistant qualities of soapstone mean you can use the sink for a range of jobs without fear of damaging it. Whether it’s inside taking on kitchen foods or at a job site cleaning work equipment, a soapstone sink will continue looking new well into the future. 

Shower/Bath Tiling

The non-porous properties of soapstone make it ideal for lining baths and showers. This feature helps prevent bacteria from growing by denying them the oxygen they need to thrive. The smooth “dry-soap” texture gives it a uniquely soft feel that is perfect for the shower when your skin is the most exposed. 

Low-maintenance, durable, stain-resistant, heat absorbent, and more, soapstone does it all! The benefits soapstone can bring to a home are too good to miss out on. Call Dorado Soapstone to get a quote and start utilizing this amazing mineral in your home.