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Dark kitchen countertops paired with white cabinetsPairing Your Soapstone Countertops to Inspire

Choosing the right soapstone countertops for your kitchen can transform your kitchen for the better. Not only will it create a cohesive look to your kitchen but also brighten the overall style of your home. Are you ready to choose the best countertop with Dorado Soapstone? These practical tips can help you match your soapstone countertop to your kitchen.

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Think of Colors

Always choose colors that complement the kitchen appliances and cabinetry. A good color selection should look great and add interest to your kitchen. It’s generally accepted to go with your favorite color — as long as it pairs with your kitchenware. You can experiment with different colors before you commit to colors for your whole kitchen. After all, you need to be sure you love the color that adds a fresh vibe to your kitchen.

Cabinetry and Flooring

Choosing the countertop to match your cabinetry and flooring is also crucial. For instance, lighter cabinetry goes well with darker countertops. The same goes for flooring. If you want a dramatic first impression of your kitchen, use opposite colors such as red and green, black and white, and so on. Either way, you want to choose a countertop that makes your kitchen attractive and expansive to the eye. You also need to choose a countertop that offers an inviting hue and brings a sleek feel even in low-light environments.

Opt For Non-Tile Options

You can pair your soapstone countertops with glass tile to convey the welcoming feel that your kitchen deserves. You can also choose to use porcelain tiles to give your kitchen a unique and modern appearance. Ideally, you try not to make your cabinetry, countertops, and flooring all appear the same, as this will make your kitchen look overwhelming and dampen the illusion of depth. Making your floors, cabinets, and counters classic makes it easy for you to handle fashionable updates.

Consider the Backsplash

The backsplash and countertop need to complement each other. It doesn’t necessarily mean they should mirror one another, but should harmonize and blend other features of the kitchen. In other words, choose a countertop that coordinates with your kitchen, cabinets, and lightning.
Kitchen renovation/redesigning can make you feel overwhelmed with decorating ideas. If you are wondering about the best ways to pair your kitchen countertops, contact Dorado Soapstone for help. Our team of experts is ready to provide samples that can match your kitchen appliances.

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