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By now, you’ve almost certainly heard of the more common soapstone uses, like countertops or maybe a farmhouse sink. But soapstone is one of the more versatile home finish materials out there. It’s a bit softer than granite or marble, which makes it less prone to shattering or breaking when it’s being cut. Soapstone is still plenty durable, as we’ve discussed in previous blogs. It’s also heat-resistant, non-porous, and chemically non-reactive, all of which make soapstone an amazing option for bathroom and kitchen countertops. But those same properties also make soapstone a unique and awesome option for some home uses you might not expect. Here are a few of our favorites: 



Hardwood flooring and saltillo tile are both crave-worthy flooring options in large part because they are so durable, but also feel soft enough on bare feet. Those same qualities make soapstone a fun flooring alternative — and one that is good for both indoor and outdoor use. You can get soapstone tiles cut to a variety of different dimensions if you choose, but you can also find 1 sq. ft. tiles, subway tiles, and smaller square or hexagonal tiles fairly commonly. 

Soapstone is a great option for flooring because architectural soapstone (the kind used for countertops, etc.) is very durable, and it’s also non-porous which means it’s easy to clean and doesn’t stain. It takes a lot less upkeep than hardwoods or tile flooring to keep it looking great. 


Fireplaces/Masonry Stoves

If you live somewhere colder, a fireplace can make a huge difference in how comfortable your home is all winter long. Soapstone is a great option for fireplace surrounds because it absorbs heat well, and will slowly disburse that heat over time — so the tiles around your fireplace will help keep your home warm even after the fire has gone out. Similarly, masonry stoves are a great home addition because they can be used to heat your entire home and can be cooked on/in. And, since soapstone absorbs heat well, it’s better about regulating that heat and distributing it evenly, making it pretty ideal for a masonry stove. 


Chemistry Labs, Craft Spaces, & More

If you think back to high school science classes, odds are decent that your laboratory space probably had soapstone tabletops. This is because soapstone is a combination of non-porous structure and non-reactive minerals. In short, that means soapstone doesn’t stain and it’s not going to react with substances spilled on it, both acidic and alkali. If you’re looking for a durable hobby space, especially if you routinely work with caustic or staining materials, think about having a soapstone counter or tabletop cut. Not only will it not react with the materials you work with, but it will also be easier to clean and more durable than most other table/counter materials. However, keep in mind that soapstone is not as hard as stones like granite, so it may not be the best material for heavy-duty uses like a woodworking space. 



In a similar vein, soapstone is a great option for sinks throughout the house, especially in the kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry room. Not only does it look great, but soapstone is also ideal for mess-prone spaces in the house because it’s so much easier to clean and disinfect. Since soapstone is nonporous, that means it is dense enough that there are no little nooks and crannies in it — not even for tiny little bacteria and viruses to camp out in. And, since soapstone is chemically inert, you can use whichever cleaning products you choose without worrying about staining or damaging the stone. This makes it a lot easier to fully disinfect the surface and keep your family healthy. On top of that, soapstone is softer, which makes it easier to cut into a variety of shapes and dimensions. If you’re looking for a way to boost health without sacrificing on style, soapstone sinks are a great option. 


Find A Soapstone Supplier

Whether you’re looking for an unconventional use or a more traditional one, soapstone is a fantastic option for a huge range of different home finishes. Ready to learn more? Find a Dorado Soapstone supplier near you to get the full scoop, compare and contrast to alternatives like engineered quartz, and start choosing your soapstone slab!