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If you’re a home renovation show fan, you’ve definitely seen that the latest trends and styles are leaning toward farmhouse styling. With simple, yet impactful elements that are designed for function and form, the trend has become (and stayed) wildly popular among homeowners looking to update their look. 

Adding some farmhouse charm to your own home with a single addition, the farmhouse sink is a great way to spruce up your kitchen or laundry room while avoiding the large cost of a full-on remodel. At Dorado Soapstone, a custom-made farmhouse sink is within your reach and your budget! 

Custom Made

Because soapstone is such a versatile material, creating a custom piece to fit exactly where you need it is relatively easy. This is especially great for updating older homes that may not have been built to modern-day standard sizes. In addition to custom sizing, soapstone sinks can be made with special features, too, such as a built-in draining rack for dishes, a corner soap dish, and other details to make the sink truly your own. 


Makes a Statement 

Between the eye-catching style of the farmhouse sink and the beautiful, unique patterns of each soapstone piece we use, you can rest assured that a farmhouse sink will make a statement and create interest in any room it’s installed in. With such a striking and unique piece, building a beautiful and functional style around your new sink will be a breeze. 


Long Term Investment

It’s no secret that soapstone is a durable, long-lasting material — and that means having a sink made from this stone ensures your kitchen or laundry room will have a piece to outlast the test of time. As far as maintenance goes, one of the most beautiful aspects of soapstone is that the more you use it, the less time you have to spend maintaining it. For a kitchen sink that’s used every day, that means your sink will be lower maintenance before you know it. 


Versatile Style

Because soapstone has such a classic look, adding a farmhouse sink to your kitchen or laundry room makes it easy to mix and match accents, like your faucets, cabinetry hardware, and even sink accessories like soap holders to create a truly unique feel in your home. We suggest pairing your soapstone sink with a brass faucet and matching hardware on darker cabinets to create a striking contrast and an elevated, sophisticated feel. Another great look is pairing your new sink with silver tones in your faucet and hardware for a chic, modern-style space. 

For added style and functionality, pair your soapstone sink with durable and beautiful quartz countertops from Nustone Quartz


Functional Beauty

Adding soapstone to any space can be incredibly helpful due to the inherent qualities of the stone – its durability makes for a long-lasting investment piece. The stone’s heat resistance makes it perfect for a kitchen; you can place hot pots & pans in the sink after cooking without worry! Because soapstone holds heat and disburses it evenly, a soapstone sink in the laundry room makes for a great place to soak stains out of clothing in hot water without worrying about too much temperature fluctuation. Soapstone is also resistant to chemicals and acids, so you won’t have to worry about any of the kitchen, home, or laundry cleaning detergents wearing down your farmhouse sink. Last, but definitely not least, dents and scratches in the stone are easily buffed away with sandpaper. 

Learn more today about options from Dorado Soapstone for creating the perfect soapstone farmhouse sink for your home and get started on upgrading your kitchen or laundry room!