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You may know of soapstone countertops as just another alternative to granite or marble. However, at Dorado Soapstone, we believe you should also know they are among the most versatile on the market! Soapstone is available in several color varieties, making it easy to find one that works in your kitchen. Plus, because you can change the finish of this stone, you can practically achieve any interior design look you like! Read on as we explain different soapstone looks, then find a Dorado Soapstone distributor near you.


Natural soapstone is what it sounds like — a natural, unfinished slab of soapstone. It has a unique appearance with variations in color and texture, which are enhanced as it ages. Raw soapstone naturally has a light-colored look, though it eventually darkens. We suggest keeping yours unfinished if you want to add character to your kitchen countertops.


Over time, all types of soapstone show their age when left unfinished due to the natural layer of patina that builds. Raw, aged soapstone has a less uniform appearance because it wears and discolors in different spots at different paces. You can slowly achieve an antique look by leaving your countertops unfinished and letting them age naturally, or quickly by oiling the soapstone once and never again.


If you’re not interested in having color or texture variations in your kitchen countertops, you’ll want oiled soapstone. When a layer of mineral oil gets applied to soapstone, it darkens the color of the slab to create a smoother, uniform look. To maintain oiled soapstone, you must reapply a thin coat of oil every few months or once a year.


Choose Dorado Soapstone

No matter what kitchen look catches your eye, you can achieve it when you install soapstone countertops! At Dorado Soapstone, we’re proud to be your top-rated soapstone supplier. We’ve completed many soapstone projects around the country, so you can trust us to meet your needs.

Bring your dream kitchen to life with soapstone! Contact the Dorado Soapstone team to get a quote now.