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Here’s the quick answer:

Soapstone, like granite and marble, is a natural stone formed underground over millions of years, harvested and cut from quarries around the world,

dollarand all three are comparible in price.



Now for those of you who want the whole story with lots of detail:

According to an article in Remodelista, the cost of soapstone is comparable to moderate to high-end granite.

Remodelista quotes prices for soapstone at between $60 and $105 per square foot installed. Factors that effect price include where you live, your countertop configuration, and any special fabrication.

According to countertopguides.com marble rolls in as the costliest countertop choice costing anywhere from $125 to $250 a square foot depending upon the grade of the marble and where you live.

Granite prices out between $100 and $225 per square foot on the Countertop Guides website.

Dorado Soapstone is a soapstone slab importer and wholesaler and does not fabricate stone, but I asked around and was told that soapstone prices out about the same as moderately/moderately high priced granite.

All of this pricing depends upon your desired materials and the labor costs and your designer or fabricator will be very happy to give you an estimate on YOUR job.