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Any homeowner has probably fantasized — and maybe walked through a model home or two for inspiration — about building their dream kitchen. Smooth stone countertops, hand-carved cabinets, maybe an island with a built-in wine fridge… There are so many options to create a kitchen that not only improves the value of your home, but also meets those dreams. But hey, “I have a perfectly fine kitchen!” you might be thinking. Why bother to renovate? If that’s how you feel, you may or may not need to head down that path. Whether or not you want to is up to you. But if you think you might be due for a kitchen remodel, consider these big signals:


Your Kitchen Layout Doesn’t Work For You

Beyond a kitchen that is run down, old, and literally doesn’t work, the fact that it doesn’t work for your needs is one of the most common reasons folks will take on a kitchen reno. What we mean by this is that the layout, appliances, and overall space inhibit your cooking and living needs. Do you find that your whole family crowds into one corner each night while preparing dinner? Or maybe you love to bake, but you can’t run your mixer and use the oven at the same time. Some of these situations are just annoying, but some can be downright dangerous! Think about how many times someone has almost knocked a pot off the stove because of the layout. If the answer is more than a couple, it’s probably time for a new layout. 


You Don’t Have Enough Counter/Cabinet Space

Do you have to think carefully about how you’ll prepare any meal that is more complicated than a one-pot wonder? And heck, forget about meal prep because there simply isn’t enough room! If your kitchen dictates what you can cook, or how much, it’s probably time to change that. This isn’t college living, and you’re definitely allowed to have more than a single square foot of countertop space. A kitchen reno can add some much-needed storage or countertop space — plus, you can finally get those soapstone counters you’ve been dreaming about. 


You Can’t Get Your Kitchen Clean

Some building materials age better than others. While linoleum and tile counters may look good initially, they don’t hold up as well over time in comparison to, say, hardwoods and stone countertops. If you have to resort to bleaching or replacing the grout in your kitchen because you can’t get your counters clean, it might be time for something new. The same goes for those old laminate counters. If you can see patches of wear that hot items or chopping have worn through the outer layer of your counters, soapstone counters can give you a cleaner look that will last decades longer. 


Your Kitchen Doesn’t Fit Your Lifestyle

When it comes to any party, everyone knows that the best place to congregate is wherever the food is. For most at-home shindigs, that’s going to mean your kitchen will inevitably fill with people. If you love to entertain, but your kitchen holds you back, it’s time to make some changes. Likewise, if your kitchen is too small to have guests over, it’s impossible to cook with your spouse, or your kitchen simply doesn’t match the rest of your home style-wise, it’s time to dream a bit bigger.


Your Kitchen is Outdated

Even if your kitchen is perfectly serviceable, the fact that it’s outdated can be a problem. You may be thinking, “Wood cabinets are wood cabinets. What’s the big deal?” It’s not just about your old cabinets, though. If you’re thinking about selling soon, that old kitchen could be a serious hindrance. Just because you’ve learned to live with it, that doesn’t mean buyers will want to do the same — unless they know they’re getting a screaming deal. A kitchen facelift could help you get a serious return on a small investment. Even if you’re not planning to sell, an older kitchen could be costing you money. Those old, half-working appliances eat up a lot more energy and water than newer, energy-efficient options, so a bit of updating could save you a lot in the long run. 


You Never Use Your Kitchen

Whether your kitchen is an eyesore that physically pains you to look at, or it’s too poorly laid out and you can’t make it work for your needs, if you find that you order takeout more than you actually cook in your kitchen, that’s a big indicator that it’s time for a change. If that means just replacing your countertops or renovating the entire space, a kitchen remodel will help you cut down on delivery and actually enjoy your home. 

If you fit one — hopefully not all! — of these signs, quit living with a kitchen that doesn’t do what you need it to. Connect with your Massachusetts-area soapstone pros at Dorado Soapstone to start planning your kitchen remodel and create the kitchen you never want to leave!