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The Brain Planning a New Kitchen

Getting your details sorted out

1. What is your budget?
2. What do you like and not like about your present kitchen?
3. How many people will be using the kitchen?
4. Do you want dining space in the kitchen?
5. Do you do a lot of entertaining?
6. Will you use the kitchen for other activities besides preparing food?
7. What type of storage will you require?
8. What are your appliance preferences?
9. What are your shopping preferences?
10. How do you like to cook?
11. Do you need a dishwasher?
12. Does your design need new plumbing or electrical fittings?

Craftsman style kitchen with Soapstone

Craftsman with Soapstone

The Heart Planning a New Kitchen

How you want this space to feel?

1. What is your style?
Do you want a sleek modern kitchen or something rustic to match with the rest of your home. Whatever you choose, soapstone “works” beautifully in every kitchen design.
2. What color palette do you prefer?
Light or dark? Cream or wood? Soapstone’s organic look and feel makes it the natural choice for your color scheme. Bright and saturated colors don’t usually work well.
3. What appliances do you need?
Many people building new kitchens want all new kinds of appliances. Dishwashers, multiple ovens, new sinks, and built-in fridges. Will you need to refit parts of the kitchen to accommodate for these appliances?
4. What materials do you prefer?
Wood is very sturdy but not as cheap as plywood. Stainless steel is the sign of a professional kitchen but can cost a penny. Soapstone mixes comfortably and easily with all high-quality materials from stainless steel to the warmer metals, with natural wood finishes as well as painted cabinets.
5. Who do you need to complete the job?
A kitchen isn’t easy to assemble like a DIY Ikea cabinet. If you want it to last or accommodate new features then you may need to call upon experts to help you. Some charlotte plumbing companies could be useful if you’re replacing your plumbing or adding a washing machine fitting. An electrician can help add new power sockets for new appliances. As for soapstone, a professional kitchen fitter should be able to help you install and seal it professionally on your countertops.

Farmhouse with Soapstone

Farmhouse with Soapstone

Industrial meets Traditional  with soapstone.

Industrial meets Traditional with Soapstone.

The Voice of People Planning a New Kitchen

People who choose soapstone say,

“Soapstone costs just a little more than moderately priced granite and less than many other natural stones.”
“Everybody warned me not to use soapstone but it is perfect for my lifestyle.”
“I love the organic and inviting look and feel of soapstone.”
“I just love my soapstone.”

To find out if soapstone is right for you go to www.doradosoapstone.com and take the two-minute quiz to find out “Is Soapstone Right For Your Project?”