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Minas Soapstone From The Stone Studio

Minas Soapstone From The Stone Studio

The Old Time Look of Minas

Minas soapstone is what people go for when they want the look of old-time original soapstone. Minas  soapstone is grey, one of the lightest soapstone varieties available with its light color coming from its high talc content. This high talc content also makes Minas a softer soapstone with a sensual quality that makes it wonderful to touch.

The hardness of stone is measured on The Mohs scale of mineral hardness utilizing the scratch resistance of various minerals through the ability of a harder material to scratch a softer material. The scale measures a diamond as ten on the scale with every other stone falling between nine and one. Soapstone measures between two and four on the Mohs scale where Minas measures a two.

The Stone Studio in Batesville, Indiana is the expression of Pete and Marlene Wukusick’s life-long passion for quality craftsmanship and beautiful design using natural stone. Minas soapstone is perfect for sinks such as this one created by their talented team. This custom sink is distressed to add patina and the slant front apron has been scooped and rounded along the top edge to suggest wear.

Farmhouse Sink With Apron Scooped and Rounded

Farmhouse Sink With Apron Scooped and Rounded

The Soft and Sensual Feel of Minas

Minas soapstone’s softness has never diminished its popularity as a countertop material. Many homeowners are drawn to its soft feel, and embrace the marks it develops as a life-reflecting patina.

I asked our Massachusetts Dorado Soapstone expert, Jennifer Lepore, why Minas flies out the door in New England, and she told me.

“After selling so much of it and talking to ‘our’ people, I have come up with my own theories surrounding the Minas craze.”

“First, I think there is a deep-rooted history of soapstone in this part of the country.  Though quarried out now, I believe many of the original soapstone quarries were in New England, specifically in Vermont. This history lives on in the abundant amount of older homes here with original soapstone sinks and sometimes countertops made from grey soapstone.  From what I hear, there are/were many schools in the area with soapstone lab tables as well.

High Tech Double Bowl Deep Sink

High Tech Double Bowl Deep Sink

A Place in Our Hearts and Homes For Minas

I can’t tell you how many people come in with the ‘traditional’ soapstone look in mind because they saw it in their grandmother’s kitchen.  This traditional look in general is very popular in the northeast because there are so many rustic old homes here where the Minas fits just perfectly

I guess, for the most part, it’s what people know and love here and they feel a connection to that.  It’s usually the people that don’t know too much about soapstone’s history who are more open to other types.  True New Englanders don’t really like change, I’ll tell you that. We’re a funny bunch!”

New Minas Inventory in Denver

New Minas in Denver


The Place to Find Minas

Minas soapstone is soft yet durable enough to last for generations. It is available from Dorado Soapstone in Denver and Shrewsbury as well as from The Stone Studio in Batesville. Call today or come by to see and get a feel for Minas soapstone.