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At Dorado Soapstone we meet hundreds of homeowners faced with choosing countertop materials.

Leathered Noire Soapstone

Leathered Noire Soapstone

Some people who come through our doors are new to soapstone and some have done tons of research. Most people who have made the soapstone choice have done so because of soapstone’s organic presence, its soft, smooth feel, and the relationship between human and stone. Instead of your living with soapstone it’s more like the soapstone lives with you. Subtle difference, but you get it don’t you?

NUSTONE QUARTZ logoNow that Dorado has launced the highly acclaimed NUSTONE QUARTZ line, the people who come in to see our soapstone want to learn about quartz as well. And why not? So many kitchen designs are blending materials with stunning results.

Jennifer Ott, of San Francisco-based firm, Jennifer Ott Design, specializes in color consultations and finish material selection. She put together a fun quiz in houzz to help you in choosing countertop materials.

Some remarks made after completing the quiz complimented its acuity and some took a different position. I took the quiz which told me that I wanted concrete countertops. This couldn’t be further from reality, but it made me laugh.

Here is the link to take the quiz to discover your countertop  cupidity. Let me know how it went and whether you have decided upon Dorado Soapstone or NUSTONE QUARTZ :-).