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Arizona Tile Highlights Kitchen Design Trends: Soapstone Countertops

At the beginning of 2015, Arizona Tile blogged about four strong kitchen design trends that we at Dorado Soapstone couldn’t be happier about. When it comes to kitchen remodeling Greensboro, you need to make sure you plan out the design of your kitchen so that it stands the test of time. You don’t want 10 years to pass and your kitchen to already look outdated. Certain features like natural sunlight coming in from things like plantation shutters should withstand a long length of time, but sometimes varying types of woods or oak may be more difficult to last for years and years without looking old-fashioned. This is why you need to keep on top of the latest trends. Here they are.

1. Stone and glass mosaics will offer alternatives to the usual and expected mosaic designs.

? This conversation just begs for this very cool Houzz piece on the “10 Top Backsplashes to Pair With Soapstone Countertops.”

Slate Subway Tiles With Soapstone

Slate Subway Tiles With Soapstone

2. Grey will continue to be in demand this year along with taupe and beige.

? There are beautiful grey soapstone countertop varieties that when left un-oiled or waxed stay light like the one pictured here in Houzz.The grey soapstone countertops paired with beige cabinets and walls is stunning, don’t you think?

3. There is an increased demand for more textured and tactile materials.

Leathered PA Soapstone

Leathered PA Soapstone

? The article mentions honed granite and natural marble, but soapstone countertops lead the pack in tactile appeal! The main mineral components in soapstone include talc, chlorite, dolomite, and magnesite, giving an incredibly soft feeling to the touch. The mineral magnesite is said to bring deep peace and emotional balance to people. Who doesn’t want that along with the soft touch of talc on your countertop?

4. Elegant black will be one of this year’s go-to colors for kitchens.

? The reigning queen of beautiful black countertops, soapstone brings all sorts of options to your basic black look.

Take a look at some of the design trends for 2015 that are identified by designers to continue strongly through 2016 and beyond. A Soapstone countertop is perfect for all of them!

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