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Masonry heaters are increasingly being installed in homes across the United States. You can think of a masonry heater as a fireplace but better. Why is it better? Masonry heaters are designed to store an incredible amount of heat. They work by burning wood and then slowly distributing the heat from the wood throughout your home for the next 18 to 24 hours. Why does this matter? Burning wood rapidly is much cleaner than burning wood slowly. Slow-burning wood releases more tars and other pollutants into the atmosphere. These radiant heaters are considered extremely energy-efficient and are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.

That being said, soapstone is a very popular material to manufacture masonry heaters from. Dorado Soapstone is the largest importer of soapstone, and we have suppliers located all throughout the United States to better serve our customers. Locations include California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and North and South Dakota. We offer soapstone in a variety of colors, from white to black and green, as well as types, such as Noire and Anasazi. Below, we’ll review some reasons to consider a soapstone masonry heater for your home. Contact one of our soapstone suppliers to get started today!


Consider Soapstone for Your Masonry Heater dorado soapstoneBurn Less Wood

Due to the design of a masonry heater, it takes considerably less wood to heat your home than a normal fireplace does. In fact, you can heat your home for an entire day with either one or two small fires. This is a reduction of about 60 to 80 percent. This not only saves you a lot of money on purchasing wood, but you’ll also save trees and our environment as well.

Holds in Heat

The reason that soapstone is chosen as a preferred material for masonry heaters is because it has extreme heat retention and transfer properties. Soapstone was formed millions of years ago deep in the earth under great pressure and intense heat. Its chemical composition includes magnesium silicate. While other stones, such as granite and marble, can store and radiate heat like soapstone can, soapstone is able to be resistant to direct flames for an infinite amount of time. It also does not expand and contract under temperature fluctuations like most other materials. The result is a superior storage and transfers of heat that cannot be beat by others.

Aesthetic Value

Fireplaces and hearths for most people are the focal points of their living spaces. After all, it’s the place where the family gathers for get-togethers, to open Christmas presents, to socialize about the day, and to just relax and enjoy one another’s company. Thus, you want a beautiful fireplace that is soothing and peaceful to look at. With the array of soapstone colors and types available, you can have a beautiful soapstone masonry heater in black, white, or green that compliments your other interior design choices and is a gorgeous place to gather around.


Dorado Soapstone is proud to be a soapstone supplier of choice for many, including for your masonry heating needs. Soapstone is a unique and fascinating material that holds twice as much heat per pound as iron or steel. Soapstone is a heavy material that absorbs the heat of the fire and then slowly releases it throughout the day, creating a steady, radiant warmth that truly is like no other. Even after the fire has gone out, soapstone keeps going.

Dorado Soapstone has suppliers all across the United States and supplies many masonry heating companies with the soapstone colors and options. If you are interested in learning more, contact one of our soapstone suppliers today.