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The latest fad for homeowners seems to be soapstone — but it’s not a fad in the sense that it’s going anywhere any time soon! This popular option for counters, vanity tops, fireplaces, wood stoves, tiling, and so much more is popular for a reason, and we’re sure homeowners throughout Massachusetts will agree with us!

Our Massachusetts showroom is located in Lowell, and we’d be happy to meet with you today to discuss options, styles, pricing, and more. Whether you’re looking for soapstone counters, are curious about soapstone colors, or just want to get a gauge on soapstone prices, we can help. Keep reading to learn why to choose soapstone for your Massachusetts home and contact us today to order sample kits.


When you’re pulling that tray of cookies or a big casserole dish out of the oven, it’s hardly the time to maneuver your hot pads around so you can set it safely on the counter. With soapstone counters, this won’t be a problem! Soapstone can actually safely handle a hot pan with no damage. In fact, its resistance to heat and ability to store heat so well are both factors that make it a great material for stoves, fireplaces, hearths, and more.


There are many products and materials in your kitchen that could stain surfaces — even granite or marble surfaces. This won’t be a problem with soapstone, which is an excellent granite alternative! Soapstone is an incredibly non-porous material, which means it’s impervious to substances that would otherwise stain other materials. This also means it’s impervious to bacteria!

Chemically Neutral

Because soapstone is chemically inert (neither acidic nor alkaline) you can enjoy many benefits as a homeowner. Don’t worry if you spill lemon juice or another acidic substance on your soapstone slab — it won’t react. You can use whatever cleaners you want because of this as well. Finally, soapstone counters also don’t need to be sealed in order to protect against bacteria and other substances, making them more eco-friendly.


When most homeowners in Massachusetts hear of a material called “soapstone,” they assume it’s soft — far too soft for something as important and widely used as a kitchen counter. Here at Dorado Soapstone, we offer architectural-grade soapstone, which is a high-hardness material with nonporous mineral crystals for additional mechanical resistance and longevity. 

Low Maintenance

Soapstone counters are incredibly low maintenance. Because it’s such a tough, nonporous material, it will hold up to ongoing wear and tear by simply being wiped down daily and taken care of like you would with any other new countertops. 

To maintain a consistent coloration, we recommend oiling your soapstone counters with mineral oil. You can do this weekly for the first two to three months and then monthly after that.

Diverse Uses

Finally, soapstone can be used in a variety of ways in your Massachusetts home — and we’re serious when we say a variety. Some of our favorite soapstone uses include countertops, sinks, flooring, fireplaces and masonry stoves, backsplashes and wall panels, and outdoor living areas. Check out these blogs posts for inspiration and ideas:

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Throughout the Massachusetts area, Dorado Soapstone is here to help ensure you get the soapstone counters you want at a fair price and high quality. We only offer the best, so contact us today, order samples, or visit our Lowell showroom. Not sold on soapstone yet? Visit our sister store, NuStone Quartz, to check out your quartz options.