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Unbeknownst to many, soapstone is more than capable of standing up to the test of commercial use. Just check out our January blog post, Is Soapstone Good for Commercial Use?, for more information! 

Last month’s blog post detailed 6 Soapstone Uses for Homeowners, but we definitely didn’t want business owners to feel left out — especially since soapstone isn’t as commonly used for businesses. Here are some of the aspects that make soapstone a reliable, high-quality choice for your business: 

  • Nonporous material
  • Impervious to bacteria and stains
  • Low maintenance
  • No chemical sealers
  • Beautiful, unique material

Entryway Statement Fireplace

A large, dark fireplace making a statement in your entryway for clients, prospective clients, and employees? We’re right there with you. Soapstone is incredibly heat-resistant and stores heat well, making it an excellent choice for a fireplace. And the dark tones and unique look? Well, that will make some jaws drop for sure.


You’d like to think employees will clean up after themselves in the breakroom or large kitchen area. While some will, there will also be spills that go uncleaned, potentially for a decent amount of time. Soapstone is impervious to stains and bacteria, making it a great option for those high-traffic areas where spills are bound to be forgotten for a bit.


Employee bathrooms may not be at the top of your decor list, but a little can go a long way in helping your employees feel that you care by making sure their bathroom is comfortable, beautiful, and unique. It’s not all just about looks though — all the benefits of soapstone will make it ideal for a bathroom or kitchen sink in the office.


Last but not least, why not give your flooring an update with soapstone? Soapstone uses are diverse — so diverse, in fact, that they work for flooring, which most people wouldn’t expect. Architectural-grade soapstone from Dorado Soapstone is up to the test, and you’ll be floored at how much you, employees, and clients love the look!

Give Your Business a Facelift With Soapstone

With so many soapstone uses out there, you can get creative and find an application that works best for you. Here at Dorado Soapstone, we’re here to answer questions, give you a tour of our showroom, or deliver some samples. If you want quartz instead of soapstone, then be sure to check out our sister store, NuStone Quartz. We look forward to working with you!